Music has been Matt’s passion since the day he started pretending an old badminton racket was a guitar. He began taking lessons in the second grade. Interested mostly in the “oldies”, Matt played music with which kids his own age weren’t familiar. Some of the first songs he learned were “Pretty Woman” by Roy Orbison and “Surfer Girl” by The Beach Boys. Matt’s skill set grew as he continued to practice guitar while his cousin Eric joined him on the drums. The two cousins received encouragement and heavy influence from relatives who played and sang in bands of their own. Practicing tunes from artists like The Everly Brothers, The Beatles, and The Beach Boys, it wasn’t long before Matt learned to sing harmony. By the time Matt was in high school, he had formed a classic rock band with his good friend Connor and cousins Adam and Eric. The group played a variety of local shows, all with much emphasis on harmony. Adam eventually departed the group, but the trio continued forward under the name of Younger Brother. Occasionally featuring original S.O.S. members David Ertel and Matt Thompson, the group of five grew closer. Hurley was an original prospect for S.O.S, but he was residing in Oklahoma at the time of the band’s formation. A few years later, a replacement was needed and the multi-talented friend fit the bill. Matt currently works as a delivery driver for North Vernon Beverage and also as a personal trainer. He is active in his church as a member of the praise band alongside his wife, Kristen.