It was a saturation of music in the family that helped Eric find his passion.  Eric’s biggest musical influence is his mother JoAnn, a former singer in a local family band.  She introduced Eric to harmony at a young age and suggested he listen to The Beach Boys and The Beatles for practice.  Obeying his mother (as he always had), he purchased The Beach Boys' Greatest Hits album on cassette and before the age of ten, Eric’s musical curiosity took hold.  His introduction to instruments was with those owned by his oldest brother Ryan, but Eric always favored drumming and singing.

As Eric’s abilities grew, so did his desire to perform.  In high school, he formed a band with his cousin Matt Hurley, brother Adam, and long time friend Connor Ertel.  When Eric's brother departed the group, the band played as a trio under the name of Younger Brother.  The trio now makes up three of the four members of S.O.S. and also featured original S.O.S. members Matt Thompson and David Ertel.
During Eric's college years, he continued to perform with Younger Brother and gigged frequently as a sidekick to his brother Ryan in a band called The ComboNation--a group of various musician friends based in Indianapolis, which also included Connor. 
Since graduating in 2011, Eric has balanced his music performances with a career as a high school math teacher in his home town of North Vernon, IN.
He would like to thank his family for the lessons, opportunities, encouragement, and support.